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Arnold Schwarzenegger as a Baby? Meet “The Tot-inator”

Given the ongoing tempest over Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recently-revealed extra-curricular activities, Captain Cartoon has posted his second Schwarzenegger cartoon commentary. A devout fan of Arnie and his Terminator movies, the Captain is not taking these drawings, or the issues, lightly.

Drawing on his tabloid (Weekly World News) roots, Captain Cartoon (aka Dick Kulpa) immediately pondered as to what the “love child” looked like.  A quick sketch during a marina caricature stint brought howls of laughter from curious onlookers, but the Captain, after some considerable soul-searching, felt the newly-discovered son to be a total innocent in this case.

Likewise, Maria Shriver seems to have done nothing but right during her marriage to the Terminator.

As for Arnold Schwarzenegger himself? No problemo!

Rather than ponder as to what an Arnold Schwarzenegger “love child” might look like, the Captain instead chose to imagine Arnold himself as an infant.

In fact, the thought did occur: As a plot device for the next terminator spin-off, Arnold’s T-101 could get it on with the Terminatrix from movie 3 and create their very own “Tot-inator!”

Arnold Schwarzenegger baby pic

Captain Cartoon conception of Arnie as a baby. The "Totinator" is shown with a "dumbbell-rattle" and a bottle of Muscle Milk in this cartoon. Click image for its home web site and larger view -- there are a number of celeb caricatures and political cartoons on this page!

Hasta la vista, baby!

Alternative Osama bin Laden “Death” Pix for Folks Hot to See SOMETHING . . .

Captain Cartoon has posted his own interpretation of Osama Bin Laden’s face as it might have looked during the SEAL raid on his compound. One image reflects his looks when he first laid eyes on SEALS, and a second Osama image shows him after he was put out of his misery — at least as per the Captain’s interpretation.

President Obama’s decision to categorically NOT release the Osama death photos “is in all probability the right move,” says the Captain. “But I felt all those people waiting to see ‘something,’ needed something.”

Keeping in mind that Captain Cartoon’s caricature site is “family friendly,” the Captain did exercise some discretion in posting this imagery.”These are somewhat ‘sanitized,” he admits.

Along with these images is his latest royalty-free Obama-Osama cartoon, swiftly drawn and uploaded immediately after the death of Osama bin Laden was announced. Plus, royalty-free cartoons showing Donald Trump in superhero tights and Charlie Sheen in a “Whiners” T-shirt can also be seen.

All these images, and more, can be seen here.

Final Packers VS Bears Cartoon Posted

Final 2010 season bears=packers cartoon

Packers defensive players B.J. "Freezer" Raji and Sam Shields made game-saving plays during the Bears-Packers slugfest.

Here’s my season finale cartoon commentary of the Bears Packers game, which the Bears lost by a single touchdown, 21-14.

Oversized Packer B.J. (“The Freezer”) Raji made for a great cartoon visual, so he gets center stage — particularly due to his significant interception/TD.

I chose NOT to spotlight Bears third-string QB Caleb Hanie over his three touchdown passes, given that one of them went to the wrong team. Besides, Hanie saved the Bears from total em-bear-assment by getting points on the board. Seriously, he showed some good stuff — and may have a great future.

I believe Bears QB Jay Cutler made a wise — if not tough — decision to not return after he injured his knee (assuming he, and not the doctor, made that call.) When one knows one cannot “do his best,” — and an entire team rides on his performance — what other choice could have been made? No cartoon slam there (other than his detached head bouncing through the field.)

All in all, it was a great game, and one worth watching.
Thanks to all who visited this page — and the linked website. If you’d like to see past Packers-Bears cartoons, just click on the cartoon at the top.

Captain Cartoon Posts “Virtual Caricature Wall of Fame” online

boy on skateboard

Kids are drawn however they want to be at Rosalitas Tex-Mex Grill in Atlantis, Florida.

ATLANTIS, FL — South Florida caricature artist Captain Cartoon just posted 48 caricatures on a Virtual Wall of Fame!
The “Virtual Wall” features full color digital snapshots of caricatures drawn for customers of Rosalita’s Tex-Mex Grill.
“I value my appearances at restaurants,” says the cartoon captain. “I land many parties through these popular venues, and I’ve developed the http://www.southfloridafuntimes.com website to help promote the restaurants I appear at,” he says.
The colorful caricaturist has produced over 25,000 caricatures since his 2005 start.
He appears at Rosalita’s every Tuesday evening from 6-9 PM.

Former Weekly World News Editor Launches News-Satire Website

Dick Kulpa, former Weekly World News Editor, Art Director and creator of the iconic pointy-eared “Bat Boy,” has launched a news-satire website!
Combining satirical news, fascinating photos and colorful cartoons, Kulpa’s IUDEXonline generates a whole new spin on today’s current events.
You can see it at http://www.iudexonline.com

Starlette Universe features “Dream Interview” With Taylor Lautner

Pageant judge and girly-girl culture expert Kathy Johnson recently launched her “Starlette Universe” on the web, a site devoted to six zany cartoon teen girls and their pet schnauzer “Peanut.” So what are these “Starlettes” up to? They’ve targeted top celebs for “Dream Interviews!”

And, they’re written totally in verse.

Undoubtedly one of the “punniest” sites on the Internet, Kathy’s unique ability to spin verse after verse and pun after pun is a stellar attraction of the site. By day she’s a prominent Boca Raton, Florida attorney. But after hours, it’s all “pun pun pun till daddy takes the keyboard away!”

Aimed for pre-teen girls, the Starlette Universe is enjoyable by all ages…and the site is chock-filled with color, cartoon, whimsy and just plain fun. There’s even a poetic page- which incorporates virtually every fashion outlet in the country written into the verse — with links!

Most importantly, there’s lots of helpful, teen and pre-teen girl sage advice, issued by the pro who knows — through her cartoon Starlettes. After all, her daughter eventually became a “Miss Vermont.”

Kathy’s written a 54-chapter novel featuring the Starlettes — and her trademark rhyme.

Check out the Starlette Universe — and this satirical panel authored by Kathy and illustrated by Captain Cartoon!

Starlettes Dream Interview: Taylor Lautner

Starlettes dream of interviewing Taylor Lautner, as shown in the cartoon satire filled with ditties only your teen daughters would know.