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Arnold Schwarzenegger as a Baby? Meet “The Tot-inator”

Given the ongoing tempest over Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recently-revealed extra-curricular activities, Captain Cartoon has posted his second Schwarzenegger cartoon commentary. A devout fan of Arnie and his Terminator movies, the Captain is not taking these drawings, or the issues, lightly.

Drawing on his tabloid (Weekly World News) roots, Captain Cartoon (aka Dick Kulpa) immediately pondered as to what the “love child” looked like.  A quick sketch during a marina caricature stint brought howls of laughter from curious onlookers, but the Captain, after some considerable soul-searching, felt the newly-discovered son to be a total innocent in this case.

Likewise, Maria Shriver seems to have done nothing but right during her marriage to the Terminator.

As for Arnold Schwarzenegger himself? No problemo!

Rather than ponder as to what an Arnold Schwarzenegger “love child” might look like, the Captain instead chose to imagine Arnold himself as an infant.

In fact, the thought did occur: As a plot device for the next terminator spin-off, Arnold’s T-101 could get it on with the Terminatrix from movie 3 and create their very own “Tot-inator!”

Arnold Schwarzenegger baby pic

Captain Cartoon conception of Arnie as a baby. The "Totinator" is shown with a "dumbbell-rattle" and a bottle of Muscle Milk in this cartoon. Click image for its home web site and larger view -- there are a number of celeb caricatures and political cartoons on this page!

Hasta la vista, baby!


Kids Turn Tables on Caricature Artist — and Draw Him!

Caricature of Captain Cartoon

Captain Cartoon

Sea Captain lookalike Captain Cartoon is undoubtedly one of the most “caricatured” caricature artists in the country!

But it’s not other pros drawing him — it’s kids (and some older folks too!)

Girl drawing Captain Cartoon

Determined birthday girl draws a caricature of the Captain

“I seem to bring out the “artist” in people, says the South Florida caricaturist-cartoonist. “And any way you can stimulate a person’s artistic side, that’s always a good thing.”

One 8-year-old birthday girl asserted that she intended to draw Captain Cartoon, sat in his chair, and proceeded to whip out a 4-minute caricature! “Her lines were solid and clear”, says the Captain, who has since posted it on his website (and also, on this page.)

Girl's drawing of Captain Cartoon

Here's the Birthday Girl's artwork.

“She didn’t want to tackle the hat, but that’s OK. She has lots of talent,” he said.

Another 8-year-old girl penned the Captain at her mom’s 40th birthday party. “She was courageous,” he says. “She dared to draw my hat.”

“And she gave me lots of hair!”

But it’s not just kids. A woman celebrating her 50th birthday commandeered his paper and markers and drew a very colorful caricature of the astonished artist.

This past May a 40-something man recently sketched the Captain at a block/birthday party.  “It looked like something you’d see in the New Yorker, it was that good” said the Captain.

Doodle of Captain Cartoon

Man made this sketch of the Captain at a block party.

From time to time prominent South Florida watercolor artist Carol Ann Sherman (see photos here) stops by a local restaurant and sketches him. “Her work is beautiful.” he says. “And folks waiting for restaurant tables get a big kick out of it.”

“One I am very proud of is a thank you sketch several little girls drew at a birthday party, says the Cartoon Captain. “You know you did right by them when you get one of these.”

woman sketch of caricature artist

Woman sketched Captain Cartoon at her 50th birthday party

caricature of Captain Cartoon

Young girls teamed up on the "thank you" sketch

There are lots more kid-drawn sketches of Captain Cartoon on the Captain’s “Kids Fun Zone” section of his official site.

“Everyone at these parties loves to see the tables turned on me” the Captain says. “The way I see it, it’s all part of the show.”