Starlette Universe features “Dream Interview” With Taylor Lautner

Pageant judge and girly-girl culture expert Kathy Johnson recently launched her “Starlette Universe” on the web, a site devoted to six zany cartoon teen girls and their pet schnauzer “Peanut.” So what are these “Starlettes” up to? They’ve targeted top celebs for “Dream Interviews!”

And, they’re written totally in verse.

Undoubtedly one of the “punniest” sites on the Internet, Kathy’s unique ability to spin verse after verse and pun after pun is a stellar attraction of the site. By day she’s a prominent Boca Raton, Florida attorney. But after hours, it’s all “pun pun pun till daddy takes the keyboard away!”

Aimed for pre-teen girls, the Starlette Universe is enjoyable by all ages…and the site is chock-filled with color, cartoon, whimsy and just plain fun. There’s even a poetic page- which incorporates virtually every fashion outlet in the country written into the verse — with links!

Most importantly, there’s lots of helpful, teen and pre-teen girl sage advice, issued by the pro who knows — through her cartoon Starlettes. After all, her daughter eventually became a “Miss Vermont.”

Kathy’s written a 54-chapter novel featuring the Starlettes — and her trademark rhyme.

Check out the Starlette Universe — and this satirical panel authored by Kathy and illustrated by Captain Cartoon!

Starlettes Dream Interview: Taylor Lautner

Starlettes dream of interviewing Taylor Lautner, as shown in the cartoon satire filled with ditties only your teen daughters would know.



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