Former Weekly World News Editor Launches News-Satire Web Site

Captain Cartoon” aka Dick Kulpa, is a humorist, cartoonist, caricature artist, former publisher and editor and these days, a rapidly developing website designer!

You’ve seen Kulpa’s work many times before — any time you visited a supermarket in the 1990s! That’s because Kulpa designed the vast majority of the black and white supermarket tabloid Weekly World News’ front pages during that decade, serving the paper as Art Director (and eventually, Editor) for nearly 15 years.

During that tenure, Dick’s most high profile contribution to American pop culture became the “Bat Boy” character, created in 1992.

From 2001-2004 Kulpa published the teen humor CRACKED Magazine.

Ghost Story Club panel

GSC character Zack meets a genie!

Kulpa’s first “professional” works appeared in the weekly newspaper “Loves Park Post” on December 25, 1969 at the age of 16.

At his highest career point in 1997, his syndicated comic strip Ghost Story Club appeared in 35 newspapers around the world, including the Orange County Register, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, New York Daily News, Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, Bangkok Post, and a Hong Kong English daily, among others.

Cartoon image of Captain Cartoon

Illustration of Captain Cartoon from a display poster

Dick currently appears all over South Florida as the colorful “Captain Cartoon”, having produced over 25,000 caricatures since 2005.

Captain Cartoon’s website, a veritable one-man show written, illustrated, designed and posted by Kulpa, spotlights a number of his offerings, including free digital clip art, flyer designs, comic strips, coloring book pages — and even a learn-to-draw feature.

The Captain has also developed a “digital portrait” capability, drawing painting-like images directly on screen.

logo for South Florida Fun Times

See the site!

Tapping on his newspaper expertise as well as newly-gained familiarity with the South Florida restaurant/entertainment scene, Kulpa launched the South Florida Fun Times website last year. Produced in its entirety by the Captain, this public service site features popular family restaurants, feature articles about local party entertainers, art events and anything else of interest to locals and tourists alike.

Oil spill victim -- a mermaid

IUDEXonline headline story features a mermaid killed by the oil spill.

Keeping his “Weekly World News” capabilities active, Kulpa recently launched a news/satire website “” featuring satirical and humorous articles and illustrations relative to current events. Written, illustrated and designed in near entirety by Kulpa (with some freelance help,) IUDEX (which means “judge” in Latin) offers bizarre spins on current issues.

Starlette looks to interview Lautner, Pattinson, White, Jonas and Bieber

Starlettes panel was drawn digitally by Captain Cartoon

Kulpa has also joined forces with pageant judge and local attorney Kathy Johnson in the production of her “Starlette Universe,” an 8 year “Pageantry Magazine” feature covering the zany exploits of six teen pretties and their little dog too!

The adventures of Dick Kulpa / Captain Cartoon continue…

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