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Final Packers VS Bears Cartoon Posted

Final 2010 season bears=packers cartoon

Packers defensive players B.J. "Freezer" Raji and Sam Shields made game-saving plays during the Bears-Packers slugfest.

Here’s my season finale cartoon commentary of the Bears Packers game, which the Bears lost by a single touchdown, 21-14.

Oversized Packer B.J. (“The Freezer”) Raji made for a great cartoon visual, so he gets center stage — particularly due to his significant interception/TD.

I chose NOT to spotlight Bears third-string QB Caleb Hanie over his three touchdown passes, given that one of them went to the wrong team. Besides, Hanie saved the Bears from total em-bear-assment by getting points on the board. Seriously, he showed some good stuff — and may have a great future.

I believe Bears QB Jay Cutler made a wise — if not tough — decision to not return after he injured his knee (assuming he, and not the doctor, made that call.) When one knows one cannot “do his best,” — and an entire team rides on his performance — what other choice could have been made? No cartoon slam there (other than his detached head bouncing through the field.)

All in all, it was a great game, and one worth watching.
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