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Arnold Schwarzenegger as a Baby? Meet “The Tot-inator”

Given the ongoing tempest over Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recently-revealed extra-curricular activities, Captain Cartoon has posted his second Schwarzenegger cartoon commentary. A devout fan of Arnie and his Terminator movies, the Captain is not taking these drawings, or the issues, lightly.

Drawing on his tabloid (Weekly World News) roots, Captain Cartoon (aka Dick Kulpa) immediately pondered as to what the “love child” looked like.  A quick sketch during a marina caricature stint brought howls of laughter from curious onlookers, but the Captain, after some considerable soul-searching, felt the newly-discovered son to be a total innocent in this case.

Likewise, Maria Shriver seems to have done nothing but right during her marriage to the Terminator.

As for Arnold Schwarzenegger himself? No problemo!

Rather than ponder as to what an Arnold Schwarzenegger “love child” might look like, the Captain instead chose to imagine Arnold himself as an infant.

In fact, the thought did occur: As a plot device for the next terminator spin-off, Arnold’s T-101 could get it on with the Terminatrix from movie 3 and create their very own “Tot-inator!”

Arnold Schwarzenegger baby pic

Captain Cartoon conception of Arnie as a baby. The "Totinator" is shown with a "dumbbell-rattle" and a bottle of Muscle Milk in this cartoon. Click image for its home web site and larger view -- there are a number of celeb caricatures and political cartoons on this page!

Hasta la vista, baby!

Is Al Qaida Plot Causing Speaker Boehner to Cry?

John Boener weeps again

House Speaker John Beohner's loose tearducts are beginning to irritate some people.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — They vowed to turn American cheers into tears, and it looks like Al Qaida is succeeding, say sources, who claim to have uncovered a bizarre terrorist plot designed to turn U.S. officials into crybabies. Oddly enough, it appears U.S. Speaker of the House John “Boo-Hoo” Boehner is their prime target.

Speaker Boehner allegedly broke down twice as he spoke during a recent commencement exercise in the nation’s capital, according to major news organizations. If true, this is the latest in a series of crying jags besetting the prominent U.S. official, stemming from victory speech wails to a breakdown on the TV show “60 Minutes.” Other weeping incidents have also occurred in his recent past, according to press reports.

But there may be cause for all this: The unnamed sources claim a mystery parcel — filled with onions — was found “in close proximity” to Boehner’s podium. Other evidence has also been found, they add.

But “terrorist plots” may not be the culprits. A psychic claims Boehner’s propensity for crying stems from an alleged rejection by girl playmates back when he was a boy.

In a recent alleged incident, several key congressmen supposedly chastised Boehner , comparing their pit bulls, German Shepherds and Dobermans to an alleged poodle in the Speaker’s possession, and at one point Boehner began to cry. Feeling sorry for their colleague, the offending representatives backed Boehner for Speaker of the House.

This satirist has not found any evidence of any poodle in Boehner’s possession, and attempts to reach key people went unanswered. Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was said to be “snickering too much” to comment.

“Speaker (John) Boehner is part of the line of succession to the U.S. Presidency,” warns an outsider. “Whatever is ailing him, be it Al Qaida plots, onions, hemorrhoids or defacto emotional issues, he needs to “man up” and get this resolved before America starts to look like it’s run by a bunch of sissies. Perhaps an on-off spigot attached to each eye will do it.

See more at Iudexonline.

Alternative Osama bin Laden “Death” Pix for Folks Hot to See SOMETHING . . .

Captain Cartoon has posted his own interpretation of Osama Bin Laden’s face as it might have looked during the SEAL raid on his compound. One image reflects his looks when he first laid eyes on SEALS, and a second Osama image shows him after he was put out of his misery — at least as per the Captain’s interpretation.

President Obama’s decision to categorically NOT release the Osama death photos “is in all probability the right move,” says the Captain. “But I felt all those people waiting to see ‘something,’ needed something.”

Keeping in mind that Captain Cartoon’s caricature site is “family friendly,” the Captain did exercise some discretion in posting this imagery.”These are somewhat ‘sanitized,” he admits.

Along with these images is his latest royalty-free Obama-Osama cartoon, swiftly drawn and uploaded immediately after the death of Osama bin Laden was announced. Plus, royalty-free cartoons showing Donald Trump in superhero tights and Charlie Sheen in a “Whiners” T-shirt can also be seen.

All these images, and more, can be seen here.

Cartoonist Pounds Dismal Economic Recovery Efforts!

Cartoonist Dick Kulpa continues to pummel what he terms “lackluster” and “uninspired” efforts at reversing the economic meltdown.
“Bailouts” and “stimulus packages” only serve to maintain the status quo,” says Kulpa. “This country is in dire need of an economic overhaul,” he adds.

Kulpa, former nationally-syndicated comic strip artist and ex-Weekly World News Editor, recently launched his news-satire IUDEXonline.com, giving him an outlet to get his points across.
Back in the 1970s-80s he served three terms in elective office.

“I’ve just posted several cartoons and commentaries about the economy, and what we as a people must do about it,” says the politician-artist.
“We need to inject common sense back into the system.”

Little Shop of Horrors themed satire cartoon

All stimulus packages can do is keep the current monstrous economically-skewed system afloat, says Dick Kulpa

Are You Artistic? Make Extra Money Drawing Friends — and More!

Get those eyes close to the middle of the head when you draw faces. It's a great start.

Get those eyes close to the middle of the head when you draw faces. It's a great start.

Times are tough, and if you’re like most everyone else, you’re looking to either cut costs or land a second part time job. But here’s an even better idea for the artistically-inclined: Grab a sketch pad, pencil, a felt tip marker — and a “tip” jar — head to the nearest party, bar or restaurant, and start sketching people’s faces!

Of course, you’ll need to ask permisson first, but you’ll be amazed at the reaction, and most importantly, your filled-up tip jar.

People love art — whether they admit it or not — especially when it comes to seeing THEIR face on a frameable piece of paper. Back when I started doing this I got the urge to walk into a bar, pencil and pad in tow. When I was finished, I’d had 4 free drinks and $35 in cash!

If you’re nervous about drawing people, and/or afraid they may be overly critical, DON’T be. People work hard to see themselves in the picture you draw, and nine times out of ten, they’ll see their likeness. As you get more practice under your belt, YOU’LL get better too — and one day you’ll wake up and say “Hey — I’m a bona-fide ‘portrait-caricature’ artist!”

More importantly, you’ll also realize you’ve come up with a new way to make ends meet!

What to charge? If you’re just starting out, it’s always best to do these “free,” with a tip jar close by. Yes, some folks will take you literally and walk away without tipping, but nine times out of ten, you’ll see a tip, anywhere from $1 – $5. Yes, you may have paid a theme park caricaturist $25 for a drawing years ago, but hey — the theme park takes most of that money. AND, it’s a good bet you’re not working at one of those high-priced parks.

Once you’ve become adept at drawing faces, you might land a “paying” gig at a local restaurant or bar, drawing customers — especially the kids! Caricature artists are “great draws” at these places (no pun intended) and they’re hard to find. Plus, you may start landing parties, where you are hired “by the hour” to draw the crowd. Caricature artists make $100-$200 an hour at these events, doing 1-3 per day on weekends!

Caricatures are by definition “exaggerated features” of faces, but that doesn’t mean you add three extra chins to an overweight person, or draw a guy with even less hair than he already has. Caricature artists have field days with politicians and celebrities for newspaper drawings, but that person sitting in front of you is generally NOT a public figure. He or she wants to “look mahvelous” — that’s why they’re getting their picture done.

For older folks — especially women — see the beauty in their faces. Diminish bags, wrinkles and double chins — you can always add more. Pay close attention to the beauty in their eyes too. Men are less picky about age lines, but they can be sensitive over their hair (and lack thereof.)

Go easy on the kids. A big-eared boy may be “brain-damaged for life” if you draw him looking like “Dumbo.” Little girls see themselves as princesses, and you should draw them that way. I’ll never forget one “chunky” girl’s request that I draw her as “Tinkerbell.” While it was all I could do to keep from cracking up, I did just that. Her smile — and subsequent tip — made it all worthwhile.

How fast can you draw? One veteran advised me that “six minutes per black and white caricature is pretty standard.” That equals roughly 10 per hour. Some caricaturists do these in three to five minutes, others, 10-15 minutes — each. I do 12-15 per hour — now — in black and white. Color generally takes longer, especially if you add figures and backgrounds.

Some caricature artists use 11 x 14 paper, but I use 8.5 x 11 paper, because they take less time and the paper is easily frameable — with standard-sized Walmart frames.

Materials? I use pencil, eraser, brush-tipped pens, “Wausau-brand” brite white paper — and those all-important envelopes to put the drawings in. I’ll usually “pre-pencil” the art, then ink over it. For color, I use the “Chart-Pak” color markers, usually found at any full-service art store.

I did not draw live caricatures until I turned 50, and in previous years, my response was “over my dead body” when asked to do so. When economic times forced me to jump into this field, I was overwhelmingly surprised — not only at the crowd’s reactions, but at my own personal enjoyment doing this. As one veteran caricaturist said, “Bet you wish you started this 25 years earlier.”

My answer? “You got that right.” With over 20,000 portrait drawings hanging in homes around the world, I’m proud to be a caricaturist. Someday, you will be too.

Captain Cartoon’s ‘Caricature Wall of Fame’ Keeps on Growing . . . and Growing . . .

Over 400 caricatures adorn the walls in Boca raton's Wings Plus

Over 400 caricatures adorn the walls in Boca Raton's Wings Plus

BOCA RATON, FL — Caricature artist Captain Cartoon established his second “Caricature Wall of Fame” at a South Florida restaurant, and its skyrocketing popularity has packed the place Monday nights 28 weeks in a row!

The Captain’s “Wall” features computer prints of caricatures Captain Cartoon, aka Dick Kulpa, created for customers during his Monday night appearances. Every caricature is in full color, and each features whatever the child wanted. “If a boy wants his head on a cat’s body, he gets it,” says the Captain. “Other kids are drawn with bowling pin bodies, superhero costumes, sports gear, fishing poles, you name it.,” he says. “One boy’s face is the head of a jellyfish!”

Over 400 faces now adorn the restaurant, and everyone notices. ” Restaurant co-owner Lisa Clark says it’s the most talked-about feature Wings Plus has. “Everyone notices the “Wall” as soon as they walk in. I’ve told the Captain that he has no idea just how much it’s talked about during the week.”


Wings Plus caricatures from Week #26

The “Caricature Wall of Fame” attracts families from miles around, and folks who see it make it a point to revisit Wings Plus (at 441 & Glades in Boca Raton) the following Monday evening. “Monday nights were not all that busy prior to the “Wall,” says the Captain — “That’s why they brought me here in the first place. After three weeks, all H— broke loose!”

“I’ve been slammed and jammed ever since — and happily so. Full color caricatures — with full figures — take roughly 8 minutes to do, as compared to the 4-minute black & whites I do at parties,” he said. “But the quality and color is what brings people back — and if we run out of time one week, they come back the next. Some kids have been drawn 6-7 times each!”

All this comes together to make the Captain, customers — and the restaurant owners — happy. And it’s a sure way to bolster your restaurant, wherever you are. So if you’re in South Florida and YOU want your own  “Wall of Fame,” contact Captain Cartoon. Otherwise, contact a local (good) caricaturist and have him/her build one for you. You’ll be glad you did!