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“Captain Cartoon” exists as my most successful creation, but Gangbuster is right up there with him.

Dick Kulpa

Dick Kulpa's Gangbuster

As gangs continue to riddle the country with death, drugs and blood-spattered violence, cartoonist Dick Kulpa has decided to re-energize a program with a rich history of positive results. GANGBUSTER!

Originally issued in 1986, the Gangbuster comic book project continues to be distributed by several police agencies, albeit on a small scale (and one within reach of Kulpa’s limited resources.)

“Police agencies who’ve distributed Gangbuster see this as an ideal “bridge-builder”, a way to break the ice when communicating with kids,” Kulpa says. “A comic book is non-threatening and looks downright fun. Upon its reading, however, is when Gangbuster’s ‘Trojan Horse’ value emerges — kids learn obvious, common sense lessons as to why gangs are bad for them.”

“In its short and sweet 8-page format, these lessons are easily absorbed,” Kulpa added.

Gangbuster met with phenomenal acceptance in his initial Rockford, Illinois debut, and subsequent surveys distributed by youth-gang counselors…

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America’s Best Hope Against Gang Violence: GANG BUSTER

America’s Best Hope Against Gang Violence: GANG BUSTER.

I am prejudiced, of course….prejudiced towards this comic book as a highly effective deterrent against (better yet, a far more favorable alternative to) youth gang activity.

This digest history of my most popular — and also useful — super hero: Gangbuster has just been posted.

This cat works to save kids from falling into the clutches of street gangs. Police department youth services divisions distribute his comics.

Check out the fun and colorful photos — plus, there’s a link to a free Gangbuster E-book…seek and ye shall find;-)