Caylee Anthony Memorial Portrait Posted on Web

Caylee Anthony portrait

Memorial portrait of young Caylee Anthony as we hope she now looks -- as an angel. Click on the image to see a larger view on the website page featuring it.

This memorial portrait of two-year-old Caylee Anthony has been posted on Caricature artist Captain Cartoon’s website.

The South Florida caricature captain has drawn nearly 20,000 caricatures of younger girls during the past seven years, and says he’s come to see all little girls as angels.

“Without passing judgement on guilt or innocence of Caylee’s mom, I felt people needed some sort of feelgood image associated with little Caylee” said the Captain, co-producer of the teen girl-oriented Starlette Universe. “I have two daughters and a granddaughter myself. I recall them at Caylee’s age — they were total angels.”

Mother Casey Anthony’s murder trial is expected to begin Monday, May 9.

Captain Cartoon has no intent on marketing the image, and if any proceeds were ever to arise from it, all would go to child abuse prevention charities.


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