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Cartoonist says ‘Use Cartoon Billboards and Campaigns to Stop Union-Busting GOP’

As corporate-backed Republicans target the working man’s major organizations, i.e. labor unions, political cartoonist and caricaturist Captain Cartoon thinks it’s high time to fight back — with cartoon campaigns!

The veteran political cartoonist has harnessed cartoon campaigns in support of (or in defense of) numerous issues, with admirable success. His most recent campaigns utilized gigantic cartoon billboards drawn on behalf of various police unions.

“I’m neither pro nor anti union,” says the artist. “Rather, I’m ‘pro-America.’ However, it’s becoming more apparent to me that there’s a definite ‘Republican-fueled’  targeting of ‘the little guy’,  and what better way to accomplish this  than to destroy one of the common man’s most powerful institutions, i.e. organized labor,” he said.

To that end, Captain Cartoon is prepared to draw cartoons — at discounted rates — in support of union supporters in Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana.

“Trust me, political cartoons — created and presented effectively — tend to get their point across, if not send the bad guys ‘heading for cover,'” he added, “I aim for the jugular.”

See  the Captain’s latest cartoon billboards, as well as impressive results of some of these campaigns, here!