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Final Packers VS Bears Cartoon Posted

Final 2010 season bears=packers cartoon

Packers defensive players B.J. "Freezer" Raji and Sam Shields made game-saving plays during the Bears-Packers slugfest.

Here’s my season finale cartoon commentary of the Bears Packers game, which the Bears lost by a single touchdown, 21-14.

Oversized Packer B.J. (“The Freezer”) Raji made for a great cartoon visual, so he gets center stage — particularly due to his significant interception/TD.

I chose NOT to spotlight Bears third-string QB Caleb Hanie over his three touchdown passes, given that one of them went to the wrong team. Besides, Hanie saved the Bears from total em-bear-assment by getting points on the board. Seriously, he showed some good stuff — and may have a great future.

I believe Bears QB Jay Cutler made a wise — if not tough — decision to not return after he injured his knee (assuming he, and not the doctor, made that call.) When one knows one cannot “do his best,” — and an entire team rides on his performance — what other choice could have been made? No cartoon slam there (other than his detached head bouncing through the field.)

All in all, it was a great game, and one worth watching.
Thanks to all who visited this page — and the linked website. If you’d like to see past Packers-Bears cartoons, just click on the cartoon at the top.

Classic Green Bay Packers VS Chicago Bears cartoons posted online

Captain Cartoon, aka Dick Kulpa, is former publisher of the teen humor-satire CRACKED Magazine, former editor-art director for Weekly World News, and has drawn three syndicated comic strips. His “Draw Play” football cartoon appeared in the Chicago Bear Report from 1988-1999.

The BIG game is drawing near! We’re not referring to the Super Bowl, but the “Super-Duper Bowl,” pitting the Chicago Bears against the Green Bay Packers!

To commemorate the occasion, South Florida caricaturist/cartoonist Captain Cartoon is posting vintage Green Bay Packers VS Chicago Bears cartoons on his website! These originally appeared from 1988-1999 in the weekly Chicago Bear Report newspaper, published by former Bears star Doug Buffone.

Barney meets the Bears

The Captain was not always happy with the Bears' play.

“Working for the Bear Report was a challenge,” says the cartoonist. “I had a limited window of time after each game to draw up a cartoon commentary and either fax or modem it to the newspaper for publication the next morning,” he says. “And night games were the roughest.”

“I also worked full time as a Weekly World News editor and art director, and for three of those years I simultaneously drew the nationally-syndicated cartoon strip Ghost Story Club.” he said.

“Some of the cartoons are funny, others, subtle,” says the Captain. “One cartoon shows just how “hot” the Packers played that day — I drew a devil’s pitchfork burning a Bear player’s rear.”

packers beat bears

Cheesy Packers squeaked by Bears in 1997

“I worked with two outstanding editors at the Bear Report, Michael Polzin, and later, Larry Meyer. I was given significant leeway to implement my own ideas, though I suspect drawing toilet paper stuck to Mike McCaskey’s foot (after Mike Ditka was released) didn’t make me any friends in the front office,”  the Captain said.

So if you’re awaiting the pending “Packer Massacre”, check out those golden oldies! Additional archive cartoons are being posted each day, before “the mother of all football games,” and the Captain plans to create a brand new cartoon comment after the game!

And if you’re looking to get a digital or hard copy caricature of yourself or your kids, Captain Cartoon has posted samples of those works — and how to get them — on the site. Just click the caricature!

Three boys caricatured as sports stars

FREE caricature drawn at Rosalita's Tex-Mex Grill in Atlantis, FL. Captain Cartoon appears there every Tuesday evening.