Mounting Debt to China May Be “Bad Noose” For Us!

Cartoon depicts possible Chinese threat to U.S.

Our growing indebtedness to the Communist Chinese may mean "bad noose" for US!

Never in my 57 years have I seen this country in such dire financial straits. To top things off, we’re head-over-heels in debt to Communist China, something I’d never expected.
Try $2.5 TRILLION dollars!

In researching all this tonight, I stumbled across a few other poignant items relative to our Chinese “saviors”, which leads me to believe that “we ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!”

I’ve posted this cartoon,  story and several links to my news satire IUDEXonline website, but sadly, this is anything but funny. More importantly — does anyone care? Thusly, will we continue to mindlessly finance China’s offensive weaponry, as we cancel our own defense options due to our mounting Chinese debt?


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