Captain Cartoon’s ‘Caricature Wall of Fame’ Keeps on Growing . . . and Growing . . .

Over 400 caricatures adorn the walls in Boca raton's Wings Plus

Over 400 caricatures adorn the walls in Boca Raton's Wings Plus

BOCA RATON, FL — Caricature artist Captain Cartoon established his second “Caricature Wall of Fame” at a South Florida restaurant, and its skyrocketing popularity has packed the place Monday nights 28 weeks in a row!

The Captain’s “Wall” features computer prints of caricatures Captain Cartoon, aka Dick Kulpa, created for customers during his Monday night appearances. Every caricature is in full color, and each features whatever the child wanted. “If a boy wants his head on a cat’s body, he gets it,” says the Captain. “Other kids are drawn with bowling pin bodies, superhero costumes, sports gear, fishing poles, you name it.,” he says. “One boy’s face is the head of a jellyfish!”

Over 400 faces now adorn the restaurant, and everyone notices. ” Restaurant co-owner Lisa Clark says it’s the most talked-about feature Wings Plus has. “Everyone notices the “Wall” as soon as they walk in. I’ve told the Captain that he has no idea just how much it’s talked about during the week.”


Wings Plus caricatures from Week #26

The “Caricature Wall of Fame” attracts families from miles around, and folks who see it make it a point to revisit Wings Plus (at 441 & Glades in Boca Raton) the following Monday evening. “Monday nights were not all that busy prior to the “Wall,” says the Captain — “That’s why they brought me here in the first place. After three weeks, all H— broke loose!”

“I’ve been slammed and jammed ever since — and happily so. Full color caricatures — with full figures — take roughly 8 minutes to do, as compared to the 4-minute black & whites I do at parties,” he said. “But the quality and color is what brings people back — and if we run out of time one week, they come back the next. Some kids have been drawn 6-7 times each!”

All this comes together to make the Captain, customers — and the restaurant owners — happy. And it’s a sure way to bolster your restaurant, wherever you are. So if you’re in South Florida and YOU want your own  “Wall of Fame,” contact Captain Cartoon. Otherwise, contact a local (good) caricaturist and have him/her build one for you. You’ll be glad you did!


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